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Trio Bundle: GFIT derma-stamp, Active Serum & Box of Intensive Moisturising Repair Mask

New Home Use GFIT Treatment Derma-Stamp

Our newest release of a home-use derma-stamp, this devices features multiple rows of 0.6mm titanium needles.

The device is reusable, needle cartridges are to be replaced for each treatment (packets of 10x cartridges can be purchased separately).

Also offering two unique features, firstly a vibration through the device turned on as and when required via a simple button at the top of the handle, plus Red LED therapy surrounding the outside of the needles.

The vibration will help reduce the feeling of the pressure of the needles on application, while the red LED light therapy will help to calm and reduce inflammation at the same time.

Active Serum

Containing AQ’s patented Growth Factor technology, Active Serum encourages the natural growth, organisation and maintenance of your own skin cells.

Active Serum contains a high-purity of fibroblast growth factors working to supplement the skin. It helps the skin naturally rejuvenate itself, returning the complexion to it’s youthful state.

Active Serum works to:

  • reduce skin roughness and pigmentation
  • diminish wrinkles
  • give the skin a youthful glow
  • gradually fade sun/age spots
  • restore the ‘youthful skin function’ to repair damage

Intensive Moisturizing Repair Mask

the perfect at-home pampering treatment and maintenance skincare savior to use between your AQ GFIT facial treatments.

Hydrating and deeply nourishing, this hydro-gel mask contains AQ’s patented Growth Factor formula. These growth factors have been clinically developed to match, in identical form, the growth factors found within the human body.

This intensive mask increases cell and blood vessel production, as well as collagen and elastin production for a youthful complexion with healthy, radiant skin.


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